the meeting of two personalities is like

the contact of two chemical substances.

if there is any reaction. both are transformed.


76 Morgon Interior Design

The project is the modern interior design of a family living area (which includes an electric fireplace, feature wall, and a dropdown ultra projector) and a lounge area in the basement.

• A combination of stone and wood is used for the first two alternatives. The difference is in the wood patterns.
• In the third alternative, the wooden material with a smooth surface is used.

The basement area that has direct access to the backyard includes a comfortable sitting area, bar, and a small kitchen and gym.

The modern design is reflected on the:
• Use of clean and simple lines
• A sofa with a dramatic color (an accent color) in the space
• Minimalistic wall arts
• Oversized tiles with rectified edges

The material used for the terrace floor and the shower is in harmony with the modern interior design of the basement.
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