the meeting of two personalities is like

the contact of two chemical substances.

if there is any reaction. both are transformed.


Ayan Cafe & Shisha Lounge

Ayan Cafe & Shisha Lounge is a boutique lounge. The Lounge serves mainly shisha.
The target market for this lounge is:
● Young Students since the university is across the street
● Age range is 20 to 35
● Male and female
Pricing is medium to high.
Style & Theme is modern, inviting, terrace outdoor.
The storefront facade is 12.2 meters wide and 3.43 height

The main door from the street:
LED Tunnel. Since we did not have enough and wide space on the storefront, we restricted the LED light squares at 2.5m by 2.5
4 rectangles/squares were enough to give the desired entrance.
The entrance was elevated from the ground by 45cm since the building floor is elevated from the sidewalk by 45cm.

The terrace was the only 1m in depth, With the exception of the entrance area which will be 3m by 3m
The entrance area took up 3m in depth to allow for the square LED tunnel entrance.
The windows of the storefront were pushed back by 3m to give more space for the terrace.
The terrace was extended 1m to the street and we pushed the windows back by 3m to give more space for the terrace.

We would like to have an Aluminum Awnings that extends a meter from the building to cover the terrace. There is a sign on the canopy. A metal sign that says:
Ayan Shisha Lounge & Cafe
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