the meeting of two personalities is like

the contact of two chemical substances.

if there is any reaction. both are transformed.


AYANA BEACH Cafe & Shisha Lounge

Ayana Beach is a mix-use development beach front. It is both retail and restaurant development overlooking the Persian Gulf. The total space area is 2,846m²

Design Restrictions:
● Two levels [two floors]
● Can only build on 60% of the land space = 1700m²
● The canal was not built to the left side of the land [where the curve is]. However, it should be taken into consideration as if it was built.

Project Elements:
● Arabesque Cafe and Lounge
● Retail Spaces.

The major project element and building is Arabesque Cafe. Any retail spaces in the project is just to compliment the development and Arabesque cafe.
The retail spaces will be more of kiosks or small size retail spaces.
Arabesque is a luxury Shisha lounge serving easy bites and tabas. Arabesque will have an outdoor patio on the waterfront [boardwalk]. Arabesque will also have a second level that is half covered and half in the open.

Design Theme & Style:
The project is designed from steel structure and wood. It was important to note the high humidity in the area when designing.
Arabesque is themed from the inside as a fusion of Moroccan/Andalusian style mixed with tropical designs. The use of green indoor plants, tiles and wood is predominant at Arabesque.
The project is one large building or multiple connected building.

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