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the meeting of two personalities is like

the contact of two chemical substances.

if there is any reaction. both are transformed.


Community Center

The following strategies are used to promote social security in Tehran's 22nd district:

- Trying to invite people to enter and stop in urban spaces
- Restoration of night activities and the implementation of cultural and artistic programs
- Arranging lightings
- Design and locating furniture and signs in the perimeter area
- Improving tourism applications - services in the region, which are appropriate to the peripheral texture
- Creating a dynamic and sustainable urban environment on a local or regional scale with a social security approach "Adopting behavioral patterns with physical patterns"
- Construction of multi-functional public spaces "Flexible Spaces" (community center and Plazas)
- Local planning and designing of for inclusive residents participation
- Try to raise the quality of social life in neighborhoods (increasing the quality of space with the approach of increasing social security)
- Appropriate distribution of welfare, educational, occupational, health services in neighborhood (social justice)
- Special attention to women and children and their activation in the project planning process to enhance neighborhood security for these groups.
- Long-term and short-term social and cultural planning by planners and designers to enhance neighborhood security.
- To create suitable cultural relations among different people in a neighborhood, especially young people and adolescents with middle ages, in order to increase empathy and reduce the distance between generations.
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