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Diplomatic Quarter Authority in Riyadh (Tuwaiq Palace)

Tuwaiq Palace:
Tuwaiq Palace is a building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, which hosts government functions, state receptions, and cultural festivals that introduce Saudi arts and customs to the international community. It was built in 1985 by OHO Joint Venture, a team composed of Frei Otto, Buro Happold, and Omrania. Tuwaiq Palace won the Aga Khan Award for Architecture for the design in 1998

Ayan Arabia Co. Ltd. is to propose to the DQ Authority- the owners of Tuwaiq Palace- the opportunity to develop the South East lot located within the vicinity of Tuwaiq Palace.
The structures that will be developed are temporary. The duration of the project will cover Riyadh’s Tourist Season and the upcoming G20 summit - Oct 15th to Jan. 15th.
The objective of the project is to create a unique lounging, dining, shopping and activities experience during Riyadh’s high season.
The project target middle to high income families primarily and tourists.

The project:
The project includes the following:
● 2 popup restaurants - in one structure
● 1 Shisha Lounge and Cafe - one structure
● Zipline course
● Glass viewing platform
● Popup shops and snack trucks lots

Project Details:

F&B main buildings:
- Designed 2 building structures that serve as a shisha lounge, and two restaurants.
- Each building is about 120 m2 in size
- The structures designed out of steel structure - I-Beams. It also be covered.
- All structures are temporary and will be removed after the popup.
- Each building has an open kitchen area.
- Each building has a large open sitting area to accommodate large numbers of guests.
- The Shisha lounge’s open area should accommodate 200 guests.

1st Restaurant:
The Grill Box is a unique restaurant concept. Visitors will enjoy choosing the meat from the butcher themed shop, add their favorite seasoning and all entries will be served on a mini grill at their table.

2nd Restaurant:
NaGnaGa is the first Saudi cuisine tapa restaurant of its kind.
It will serve small portions to share from the Rich Najdi and Hijazi cuisine.
*Both restaurants will be hosted in one building.

The Shisha Lounge:
The Shisha Box is a shisha lounge serving different flavors of shisha while enjoying live music
shows in the open air while overlooking the Wadi (valley in Arabic) A small part of the open area
at the Shisha Box features the viewing glass deck. It is approximately 8m by 2.5m.

The glass viewing platform:
- Suggested dimensions: 8m by 2.5m
The viewing glass deck is an extension of the Shisha lounge sitting open area.
It is horizontal or vertical. due to the geographic location and the terrain of the mountain, it might give the best effect by sticking out.

Zip line Tower:
There will be a zip line that enables visitors to zipline across the valley from where the project is located to the Khuzama Park.

Popups and food trucks:
We just assign zones where food trucks/food carts and popup shops will be in the lot.

Outdoor Art and Instagrammable EX
There will be art installation scattered around the area.
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