the meeting of two personalities is like

the contact of two chemical substances.

if there is any reaction. both are transformed.


Diplomatic Quarter Dome and Bazaar Structure

The objective of the project is to create a unique lounging, dining, shopping, and activities experience during Riyadh’s high season. The project targets primarily middle to high-income families and tourists. The resort contains a restaurant and a shopping area (Bazaar), with Arabian style

Dome café
- The restaurant is designed like a dome, and all the elements (towers, the dome, and lightings) in the site portray the Arabian style.
- The Dome has seat minimum of 40 guests
- The seating configuration is 10 tables. Each one has 4 seats.
- Dome area is approximately 100m²
- A total of 8 towers have seating under and around them.
- The size is 4m by 4m. the height is 6m

The Bazaar
- Consist of 8 kiosks in Arabian style.
- The structure is easy to build and simple.
- Each kiosk is 3m by 6m
- A central fountain in the middle
- Entrance wall is used for art painting
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