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Diriyah Gate General Authority

Diriyah is the capital of the1st Saudi State in 1745. Diriyah is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The ruins of the old city of Diriyah lay on either side of the narrow valley known as Wadi Hanifa. The Destruction of Diriyah took place in late 1818 after 5 months siege by the Ottaman forces.

Iconic Symbol:
Al-Dir'iya is viewed as an important national symbol in the history of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It had emerged as the capital of the new First Saudi State, establishment of which constitutes the turning point in the history of the Arabian Peninsula.

Al Bujiri:
It Is a unique development inspired by the surrounding natural environment and vast palm plantations. It overlooks the eastern edge of Wadi Hanifah, opposite the historic Al-Turaif neighborhood, which has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. it is considered the gateway to historic Diriyah. The cultural and architectural values of this district have made it eligible to take its place among the top heritage towns in the world. Al Bujiri currently hosts events and few F & B venues. The Diriyah Gate General Authority has plans to replace the current tenants and improve the overall experience of Al Bujiri visitors.

Client quote:
“We would like to present the Diriyah Gate General Authority with a creative proposal to develop and improve the visitors experience and journy at Al Bujairi. We will concentrate on retail, F&B, Culture and arts. The structure will remain the same but we may work with and around them to improve the facade and overall look. We will add structures that are temporary and do not abstract the look and feel of the current development. The reason for having these international events is to bring Diriyah on the map.”

Random Ideas:

Dinner & a Show:
A theater for a dinner and a show placed in the open air.
The area is approximately 15m by 68m and a total area of 1,040m2
The show is anything from theatrical to live Arabian horses and falcons show.

A glass viewing Platform:
The platform cannot be taller than the structures of Diriyah. The limitation is 6m height.
Both the dinner & a show + the Glass viewing platform placed in the same area.

Souvenir Shop:
A mega Souvenir stores.

Art Center:
Experiential art and crafts center in the open air or semi-open.

Theme is in Najdi style.

Visitors Journey Philosophy:
How can we excite and tell a story from the main entrance of Al Bujiri to the end of the main street where the ruins of Diriyah are revealed?

Upcoming Events:
Formula E Diriyah
SAUDIA Diriyah E-Prix took place on 22 Nov 2019
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