the meeting of two personalities is like

the contact of two chemical substances.

if there is any reaction. both are transformed.


Kitchen School Design

Designing a cooking class studio that is fully equipped. Therefore, an instructor teaches students in real-time how to make certain foods and baked goods, and students each have their kitchen stations. Wide windows, green spaces, and landscaping have been important to bring life to the place.

The project’s requirements:
• A cooking classroom for 12 students and 1 instructor.
• A section with 2 bedrooms for international chefs who will come for a few days to teach students.
• An office with a bathroom and a private kitchen for the manager.
• A section within the baking classroom that has multiple ovens and could be used for other businesses (a bakery) when the school is not in session.
• A small house designed separated from other spaces with access to the street and has a mini kitchen, a bedroom, and a small bathroom. This will be for the gardener who will live on this property and take care of it.
• Areas for cars to drive in and park (~4 cars)
• A small greenhouse for planting some fresh greens, like basil, thyme, mint, tomatoes, etc.

Due to the hot weather conditions in Jeddah, it is tried to limit the movements in the outdoor areas, everything is designed under “one roof”, intending to provide the users with easy access to all services. For example, the pantry, warehouse, and freezer could be accessed easily inside, from the cooking class/kitchen.

A small pool is located near the bedroom, and provides a great view in this place

The design allows all rooms to have large windows in order to maximize the use of natural light.
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