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Lahaj Resort

Lahaj means “Belonging to” in ancient Arabic.
It also refers to the triangular shapes found on homes in the deep Arabian Peninsula & mysterious region of Najd.

Lahaj is a hotel development within the DQ district in Riyadh.
The Najdi and Islamic art inspired hotel sets in a palm oasis at the bed of the Hanifa valley.
The hotel can be both permanent and temporary as it is a modular structure. Lahaj Hotel is environmentally friendly and a sustainable development.
The hotel design blends in with the palm oasis surrounding the suggested location and goes in line with the Wadi Hanifa Code.
Lahaj Hotel provides a unique hotel stay experience in the heart of the city.

Restricted by Wadi Hanifa Code which does not allow more than a 2 floors permanent building and emphasizing on blending culture and nature aspects of the Wadi in the design, the concept of Lahaj Hotel came to life. A modular structure that can be dismantled is our way to get around the code.
We are creating an environmentally friendly structure that is inspired by the rich architectural heritage of the region and overall, the middle east + nature.
The design philosophy is attempting to blend a unique stay with the palm oasis that surrounds the area of the hotel while giving guests a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.

- A modular design that can be both permanent and temporary.
- The design represents a Tree House, a palm tree house from the bottom.
- The design has the Lahaj elements (tringles) on its facade.
- Each unit is a singular hotel room.
We are only using one unit system. Meaning that a hotel unit will stand on support poles vertically and not have other elements such as living rooms next to it.
The shape in the rectangular is just one unit. Lahaj only needs one tower to make a hotel room uint.

Each Lahaj Hotel unit is made up of:
● Living room and balcony
● Bathroom
● Bedroom

* Each Lahaj unit is placed on a pole towering 2.5m to 3m above the ground before the first floor starts.
* 1st floor is a bedroom. 2nd floor is balcony and bathroom. The rood is an open-air terrace
* The Spiral stairs takes the guest from the bedroom which is the 1st floor to the bathroom and balcony + living area. The spiral stairs also take the guest to the top of the building (rooftop) where there is an open-air terrace

Rooftop Terrace
We added a feature to partially cover the roof.

The Facade is covered with triangles.
Some triangles are solar energy tringles. Others are solid or hallow.

● There will be clusters of the towers (each tower is a hotel unit)
● Each cluster is made up of 5 units.
● There will be a walkway to connect all 5 towers together and act as supporting structure for the towers as well as stairway to get to the walkway.

The walkway acts as suspended gardens.
Cluster holds 5 hotel units
The idea is to have a cluster of 5 units and based on the area we are granted; we can end up with as many clusters (hotel units as we wish)
Ideally, we would have 4 clusters and a total of 20 Lahaj Tower hotels units.

Suggested Areas:
There are two suggested areas for this project.
the two suggested locations are:
1st location: The area in the valley
2nd location: The rea among the palm trees
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