the meeting of two personalities is like

the contact of two chemical substances.

if there is any reaction. both are transformed.


Mishakat Hotel at Al-Khubar

Ayana Beach Resort is a mix-use development beachfront. It includes a boutique hotel and outdoor restaurant/lounge overlooking the Persian Gulf. The total space area is 2,846 m2.

Project Elements:
- Arabesque Cafe and Lounge
- Arabesque Hotel
- Reception - located in a converted container

Arabesque Cafe and Lounge:
- Overlooks the water.
- Mainly made from two shipping containers - size 40ft HQ
- The containers are on top of each other. The area surrounding the container is made covered with a wooden deck for outdoor seating area.
- The two containers have some arabesque elements even if basic.

Arabesque Hotel:
- Using modular elements to create an arabesque art masterpiece on the Persian Gulf.
- A single modular are two-story rooms or just one or both.
- The rooms are made of geometric structures that can be 1 level or two levels or even have height 1 level depending on the design of the unit. A unit or single capsule could be just one hotel unit or two level to host 2 hotel room units. A capsule can be just one room with one single unit and just half of the capsule meaning cutting the geometric shape in half.
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